Mind the Gap!

An Insider’s Irreverent Look at Private School Finances and Management—with a Lesson for Government and Industry, Too!

By Dr. Richard J. Soghoian - Headmaster of Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School

Every private school claims to have a so-called “gap” between what it charges for tuition and what it “actually” costs to educate a child in a given school. And that purported “gap” is invariably closed at every private school through what it calls an annual fund, or voluntary, tax-deductible gifts, from trustees, parents, and alumni.

Written by Dr. Richard J. Soghoian, the distinguished Headmaster of Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School, Mind the Gap! tells the captivating story of how this indomitable and visionary leader saved the school from bankruptcy in the early 1980s and subsequently transformed Columbia Grammar and Prep into one of the most sought-after independent schools in New York City. In succinct, intelligent prose, Dr. Soghoian challenges the conventional way of doing business in the private-school world.

Mind the Gap! is a colorful, informative, and irreverent analysis of private-school leadership at the top—a welcome but troubling look behind the scenes at how and why millions of dollars of well-intentioned and generous giving from trustees, parents, and alumni are routinely squandered on unnecessary administrative expenses.